Thursday, December 14, 2017

Apple’s iPhone X Review: Part 1 or Why is Face ID Better & More Secure ?

In this iPhone X review I’ll focus on some of the improvements the X brings you, over the 8, 8 Plus, and 7 Plus. Here are some of the topics in part 1 of this article:
  • iPhone X is (drum roll please)
  • Echoes of the Original iPhone
  • X Display is Great
  • About the X Display: the Technology, Size, Resolution, Color Depth, and more
  • Why is Face ID a Leap Forward in Security ?
  • App Security and Face ID
  • More Face ID FUD
  • Links to lots of other X reviews and useful stuff

When I started writing this article, in the late 60’s (seems like ages ago, but it’s only been a few weeks of any spare time I’ve had on nights and weekends) I had no idea it would turn in to over 11,000 words… and growing. I am still writing - Yikes ! When I set out on writing this, I did intend on writing it slowly over 2 or 3 weeks so I could live with the X for a while and write about what I learned. But now it’s been a whole month since I received my iPhone X. So, to keep my sanity I decided I needed to publish something, so I broke it in to 2 parts. I’ll publish part 2 soon, and I’ll continue with these topics:
  • How Apps Use the New X Features
  • New Gestures Enhance the UX
  • Notifications and Control Center
  • What’s it like Adjusting to No Home Button
  • Embracing the Notch
  • More links to more useful stuff
  • (Let’s hope more ideas don’t sneak in there)

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