Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mobile App Design Part 1: Management Principles with Scrum

The biggest mistake one can make when approaching mobile apps is to assume that the same rules you used to design other apps like native desktop or web apps, will be successful in mobile apps.  They won't.  It's a dramatically different paradigm.

If you're not already convinced, think about this...

Mobile tech has been the fastest growing tech ever.  Sure the advent of personal computers was big.  Sure the Internet was huge.  But none of them had the numbers that we're looking at here.  Billions of devices.  Over 100 billion app downloads.  All in just a few years.

It's easy to get lost the first time you design a mobile app.  To take a wrong path because "that always worked before".  Just remember, this is radically different than anything we've ever done before.  It requires you to think different.  To throw out the old rules, and embrace new ones.

There's a lot to cover to do this subject the justice it deserves, and to cover all that you'll require to be successful.  But since this is just an article and not the encyclopedia of books that you'd need, I'll focus on some principles to act as a guide.  I'll be writing about both management and technical principles over a series of articles.  The management principles are essential to be successful at building great mobile apps.  The technical principles are some of the fundamental architectural differences in mobile apps that can be key to a great app.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mobile Commerce Numbers for Thanksgiving: iOS Wins

Thanksgiving Sales from iOS crushes Android
This year again Apple's iOS devices are generating more sales and profit than Android devices.  IBM and Adobe have released some sales and traffic for this Thanksgiving and Black Friday and Android is getting hammered again.

The Business Insider reported this in Here's A Problem With The Theory That Android Is Taking Over The World:
"Both IBM and Adobe are reporting that Apple's iOS, which powers iPhones and iPads, is destroying Google's Android in mobile shopping on Thanksgiving and Black Friday."
The chart above shows sales in millions of dollars generated by iOS devices compared to sales coming from Android devices.  While iOS phones beat Android phones by a health margin, Android tablets get absolutely demolished by Apple's iPads.  This is especially important to note because tablets are generating such an enormous portion of the sales compared to phones.  And tablets enable a much better user experience for shopping and therefore more people will want to use a tablet for mobile commerce than a phone.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Time to kill off Windows RT

Microsoft's Julie Larson-Green in March 2012
With the massive failure of Surface, the upheaval in management and the comically embarrassing fumble with Windows RT, it's time.  Microsoft may be finally ready to kill Windows RT.

At a UBS seminar Microsoft senior executive, Julie Larson-Green, appears to have admitted the failure of Microsoft to make a dent in tablets and sell Windows RT to partners and customers.

The Guardian reported:
Larson-Green, who is executive vice-president of Devices and Studios at Microsoft, said that the aim of Windows RT was "our first go at creating that more closed, turnkey experience [that Apple has on the iPad]…" but that Microsoft now has three mobile operating systems: "We have the Windows Phone OS. We have Windows RT and we have full Windows. We're not going to have three."
Frankly her comments and Microsoft's newer Surface and Nokia tablet marketing fills me with NO hope that Microsoft "gets it".  They are still using the same old strategy with the same old perspectives, that have failed and failed again.

They are now facing much stronger and smarter competition in their core businesses.  PCs, OSes, Office and servers from Apple, Google, open source and more.  They've gone absolutely nowhere in phones and tablets, after over a decade of trying and still showing no signs that they get it yet.  Inertia and a dying monopoly will keep them alive for a while.  Perhaps long enough to make the massive cultural and technological changes needed to stay a player.  But then again....

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Apple's iBeacon making news big time

Apple introduces iOS 7 at WWDC 2013
It's not just the recent news about the iBeacon test at Macy's with shopkick app.  Other important news to know about iBeacon tech is coming from all over the place.  The really interesting thing is that it's not just the tech press talking about it !!!
.... there's tons and tons more.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

iBeacon test at Macy's with shopkick app

iBeacon transmitter from shopkick
Macy's began testing Apple iBeacon technology using iBeacon transmitters and a third party shopping app called shopkick.  

Apple introduced iBeacon with iOS 7.  The iBeacon tech uses small transmitters that send data over short ranges using Bluetooth low energy (BLE) which is part of Bluetooth 4.0.  This tech can enable all kinds of revolutionary location aware user experiences.  Especially in mobile commerce.

News stories have appeared in USA TodayWall Street JournalThe VergeVentureBeatSilicon Valley Business JournalFast Company and more.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Apple's e-commerce exec goes to eBay in new Chief Product Officer role

RJ Pittman goes to eBay
Working in the e-commerce business, I found this very interesting.  RJ Pittman is leaving Apple to join eBay in a new job they created called Chief Product Officer.  At Apple he was in charge of their e-commerce platform.

This news comes just 3 days after Apple announced a new SVP that will take over both Retail and Online Stores.  A move that makes perfect sense as it's an essential move towards a full omni channel play that can deliver a completely seamless customer experience merging the physical and virtual worlds.

Although maybe a coincidence, it certainly seems like if it wasn't, it was inevitable.  See the MacRumors and AllThingsD articles for more details.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Apple's Next Event Oct 22 & New Retail SVP

Apple Invitation for Oct 22
As expected, Apple's invitation for their long rumored next event, went out.  With a simultaneous event in London.

It's shaping up to be a big fall for Apple.  iPhone in Sept and this Oct 22nd event is expected to be about iPad, with some MacBook & Mac Pro thrown in.  But also some Mavericks talk is expected, because Apple has asked developers to be ready for Mac OS X Mavericks on Oct 22.

Check out MacRumors roundup on what's expected in the next iPad.  And the news on the new hires in Austin, TX to build the Mac Pro in the US.

New SVP of Retail and Online Stores

Apple announced yesterday a new Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores.  The hunt has been on for some time now, and they picked a winner.  Current CEO of Burberry, Angela Ahrendts.  Tim Cook sent a flattering email to Apple employees too.  And a former Wall Street Journal reporter Jessica Lessin writes that she loves watches.  Hmmmmmm.  Could prove some useful experience once Apple rolls out it's much rumored iWatch.  And the Wall Street Journal has more background on the courting.  She is expected to start at Apple next spring.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Blackberry finally craters

Blackberry just announced on Friday that it will cut 4,500 jobs following a gruesome loss.  And today news comes that Blackberry is getting a $4.7 billion buyout offer.  Well, we saw this coming.  It's like its been the Blackberry suicide watch for the last year and a half.  Although at this point, is there anything left worth buying ?  I think not.

This sounds like deja-vu all over again.  Like the sad saga of Palm and webOS.  Acquired by HP for about $1.2 billion in 2010.  HP then managed Palm straight into the ground and finally killed it off after the riotous failure of the HP TouchPad tablet that they firesaled at $99 a piece.  Then, to add insult to... well their own insult and injury...  threw webOS into open source, then finally sold webOS to LG.

HP might as well have just piled up a billion bucks on the front lawn and lit it on fire. Sounds like they are about to have company.

...Aaaaand, another one bites the dust-taaa...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

You should upgrade to iOS 7 too

iOS 7 RULES on iPhone & iPad
iOS 7 was released to the public today and I am thrilled to finally have iOS 7 on my everyday iPhone.  I've been using iOS 7 betas on an iPod Touch for testing since the first iOS 7 beta release on June 10, 2013.  And on my everyday iPad (one I use everyday) since iOS 7 Beta 2 was released with support for the iPad on June 24, 2013.  Check out all the iOS 7 blog articles here.

But, I didn't want to mess with my everyday production iPhone that my life depends on.  So I waited until today's public release to upgrade, and I'm THRILLED  !!!!  Finally, iOS 7 on my phone.

So, don't be afraid.  Upgrade....  Based on my experience with iOS 7 over the last few months, I can recommend it.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

How To Install iOS 7 Betas with Xcode 5

The procedure to install iOS 7 betas, or other iOS versions on development devices, has changed in Xcode 5.  In this article I'll cover the steps.  The process with Xcode has changed slightly from the steps with Xcode 4.6.3.  Xcode 5 no longer supports direct restore of an iOS restore image that you download from the Apple iOS Dev Center.  You now use iTunes 11.1x.

See my previous blog article on How To Install iOS 7 Developer Preview and use the same steps up to 5.  Install iOS onto your development device using Xcode 4.6.3, and instead follow these steps below.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Apple's Sept 10th Event: What's coming ?

The rumors have been flying fast and hot for months.  Which is, as usual for Apple.  No body gets the tech business juices flowing like Apple does.  

So much so, that competitors, and even not so competitors, have taken to doing their own announcements around Apple events.  Trying to ride Apple's coat tails, as it were, to draft off the momentum and buzz that no one but Apple generates.  So far it's been Google, Microsoft, Samsung and more.

What's Likely ?

Based on reports, rumors and Apple history, here's what's likely to happen:

Update Sept 10, 2013:
Below I've noted in purple under the guesses, whether the guess was right or not.
  • Sept 10, Tue at 10am PT - Apple's Event.
  • Sept 12 or 13 - iPhones available for pre-order online from Apple & carriers.
    Yup - iPhone 5c will open for pre-orders on Sept 13, Fri.  iPhone 5s will open for pre-orders on Sept 20, Fri at 12:01am PT.
  • Sept 20, Fri - iPhone shipments arrive for online order customers and available for purchase in stores.
    Yup - Both the iPhone 5c and 5s will be available on Sept 20, Fri.
  • Sept 18, Wed - iOS 7 released to public.
  • Sept 10, Tue - iOS 7 Gold to developers.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My favorite app for workaholics

Recently I've been working my butt off (I wish!) and have had to resort to using a program that I bought years ago for my iPhone 3, have only occasionally had use for, but have been thankful for owning every time I've needed it. It's my favorite software. Period. At least for now. And it's name is Ignition by Logmein.

What I like about it is the user interface. You'd think it would be really painful to manipulate a full-screen computer remotely from a device the size of a smartphone screen. And you'd be right. But the Ignition interface transforms the experience into a veritable pleasure.

The brilliant innovation is that, instead of having to move a miniscule mouse pointer around a miniscule representation of your full-size screen, and then tap in just the right place with your elephant sized hoof of a finger, you can freeze the mouse pointer in the center of your device's screen and move the remote screen around beneath it and zoom in/out at need. When the desired bit of the remote screen is placed beneath the pointer, tap the screen anywhere to "click" the remote mouse. Or double-tap to "double-click" the mouse. Or two-finger tap to "right-click". And so on.

The keyboard is there when you need it. There are shortcuts for special key clicks. All in all, it's really nice. So nice, in fact, that the other day when I was waiting around for my car to be serviced, I was regretting having brought my laptop with me. Had I left it at home, I could have used it remotely from my iPad. Crazy, nay?

Here's the bad news. When I bought version 1.0 or whatever, lo those many years ago, I shelled out a princely $15 for the software. Now the price is $130! Glad I'm not shelling out today.

Here's the good news. There's a free app (not called Ignition, but just Logmein) that does everything I described above.

So what does $130 buy you? Primarily a really great file transfer utility. I confess I never looked at it before today, and I'm looking at it now solely because I'm writing about the software. And I'm kicking myself a little bit because I'm really impressed and thinking I could have saved myself a lot of hassling around in the past had I just known that my software could do this. Let's see: It can transfer files between the remote device and my iOS device, between either of them and any of a number of cloud storage services, between one remote device and another (I like that!), and it can attach any of these files directly to an email message.

I suspect, too, that if I had Logmein Pro or Central installed on my computers, it might be able to do even more. But I'm not a deep-pocketed corporation, so I'll have to settle for the free version on my computers.

There is one thing that I don't like about Ignition or, more accurately, that I wish they would/could enhance. I've gotten used to not proper casing or punctuating when I type on an iOS device, because the OS does all that for me. But when I am typing remotely I have to remember to do all that stuff. It would be so cool if the software would do it for me. Asking a lot, I know. For now, if I have a lot of remote typing to do, I use another favorite app, iA Writer, to do the typing, then copy/paste. In fact, I do that whenever I have to write anything on an iOS device more than a few sentences. That's another nice app, which I'll write about on another day.

Microsoft copies Apple again: Buys Nokia

Microsoft announced today they are buying Nokia's Devices & Services business.  Effectively copying Apple again by trying to own the smartphone product end to end.  Just like Apple does.  Apparently the fragmented strategy that MS has used from day one, and the one that Google has employed with Android, just ain't cuttin' it any more.

This is creepy crazy, cuase just 2 days ago I read a great article on All Things D that threw this very idea on the wall, to see if it could stick as a way to save the ailing Red(mond) monster.  GREAT article by the way - you gotta read it.  Like deja - friggin' - vu !!!!  Check it out:

Apple's Sept 10 Invitation Hints at Colorful iPhone 5C

Apple has confirmed the rumors about Sept 10 being the day of their event, with an invite that hints that the rumors of the colorful cases of the iPhone 5C might just be right too.  MacRumors has also reported that shipments of the new iPhone models has begun arriving in the US.

While the iPhone 5C will mean huge growth in overseas markets to price sensitive markets, in addition to making a colorful splash in the US, it's not quite enough to achieve the excitement of a typical Apple iPhone announcement event.  So I think we can still expect an iPhone 5S too and MacRumors report of photos of the home button part with a fingerprint sensor, continues to point to interesting advances in the iPhone.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

About the Best Scrum Handbook - Agile Project Management For Dummies

Agile Project Management For Dummies
Agile Project Management For Dummies

This is an excellent day to day handbook on how to put Scrum to work.  It walks you through step by step on how to do all the Scrum activities and meetings.  This is one of 3 Agile Scrum Books You Must Own that I have been recommending for years. 

Don't let the "for Dummies" in the title mislead you.  This book is not basic.  It's written by smart people, for smart people so they can be even smarter.  The "for Dummies" series of books is an insanely popular brand name that has sold over 250 million copies on nearly 2,000 on an enormous variety of subjects, so the name is all about great marketing and promotion.

Buy it here on Amazon:

UPDATED - Sept 3, 2017:
To reference the 2nd Edition of this book.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mobile App Developers Still Prioritize iOS 1st, Android 2nd but gaining

Mobile App Developer Priorities
As I wrote a year ago, mobile app developers continue to choose to prioritize developing for Apple's iOS their first priority and Android their second.  But things are changing of course.  As Android gets better and more Android devices are sold, interest in Android apps grows.

Also the research shows that developers prioritize phones first and tablets second.  And all other OSes way below iOS and Android.  And while 35% make iOS on phones their first priority compared to 27% putting Android first, overall more developers are putting Android in their plans.

Monday, August 26, 2013

No Love Lost between Ballmer and... Well Everybody

It seems not Wall Street, nor even Microsoft employees will miss Steve Ballmer.  After the announcement that Ballmer will be retiring within the next year, Wall Street said YIPPY Party Time !!!!  M$ stock jumped up.

Meantime, not even Microsoft employees will miss the big teddy bear.  It seems Big B was more bear than teddy to his employees.  It seems Ballmer's management style killed innovation and sent employees running out the door.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Microsoft won't have to fire Ballmer. He's retiring

Still crazy, after all these years
A lot of speculation has been floating around lately, about whether Steve Ballmer would be fired from Microsoft due to the recent Windows 8 and Surface fiascos being the last straw.  Well, the wondering can end.  Big B is gonna retire within a year.

There's been a bit of an...  "aww we're gonna miss him" reaction popping up.  The kind of reaction that happens with professional comedians when a particularly fruitful source of comedic material drops from the scene - sayyy... Like our last president.

Monkey Boy's antics are well known in tech.  But to see them sprawled out like this, like roadkill on the freeway, causes one to get whiplash and headaches from the head shaking and eye rolling that it summons.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Big Switch to iOS from Android

MacRumors reported that way more Android users switch to iOS then the other way.  20% to iOS from Android versus just 7% to Samsung Android from iOS.  But wait, there's more....

When counting only customers who switched brands, 33% of Apple’s new customers came from Samsung versus only 11%.

Oh, and those Samsung commercials saying Apple is for old people ?  Opps.... Guess what ?  That was bull$#!@ !!!!  Apple customers are younger and make more bank $$$  Cha-CHING !!!

Check the deets....

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Scrum Quick Tip: Meeting Guides & Agendas

Here are some quick guidelines and agendas that you can use to re-enforce the Scrum meetings so they are fast, efficient and focused.  I use these myself, in meeting invites and emails, to keep teams focused.  It's especially helpful with teams that are new to Scrum and still learning.

I've formatted these guidelines and agendas in plain text without any rich formatting, so that you can easily reuse them by copying and pasting them directly into emails and meeting invites.  Because different apps will handle rich text formatting differently, or sometimes not at all, this plain text allows you to use them immediately without having to deal with fixing or re-doing the rich text formatting.

Scrum Quick Tip: Estimating, Ranking & Planning Poker

Planning Poker Card Deck
Estimating and ranking are very important parts of the Scrum framework.  And Planning Poker is an essential tool in the estimation and ranking processes.

Here are some quick tips and guidelines on estimating in Story Points with Planning Poker. This comes right out of the official Scrum framework.

Monday, August 19, 2013

iOS 7 on iPad compared to iPod Touch/iPhone

A 9To5Mac story reports:
Many developers have noted that the iOS 7 builds for iPad feel unstable and unreliable compared to the iPhone-optimized betas.
Yep, that's right.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Microsoft Bites It in Touch PCs Too

This Computerworld article reports that:
Buyers reject touchscreen notebooks, spooked by higher prices and concerns about value of Windows 8's touch UI
The article makes a number of interesting points.  But I think doesn't go into the most important reason why Windows 8 touch devices and Surface RT are failing.  The User eXperience is absolutely awful.  Which is why the hardware isn't worth the price and there's no good reason for people to buy Windows 8.
Microsoft's bet that touch would propel Windows 8 has run into a major snag, an industry analyst said Friday: Consumers see little reason to pay premium prices for touch-enabled laptops.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

3 Agile Scrum Books You Must Own

3 Must Have Agile Books
I am often asked...
What Agile books should I get ?
Usually the question is from or for someone that is new to Agile.  Maybe they've just gone through the Scrum training or joined their first organization that is using Agile or trying to grow their Agile talent and prepare new people to work in an Agile way.

But I also often find that when an organization is struggling with Agile or practicing ScrumBut or is Agile-ish or transitioning to Agile, that's when they really need the help that these 3 books can give them.

Blackberry Blew It's Last Chance

In an article published today, Message unread: Silicon Valley's secret, failed bid to save BlackBerryThe Verge reveals that Blackberry blew it's last chance to survive last summer.  Entrepreneur and angel investor Robin Chan published a slide deck he called "Project BBX" where he says that,
"Over a year ago, I helped form a secret product and engineering team based in Silicon Valley that was keenly interested in taking over the company."
With BlackBerry now finally officially looking to sell, they should have taken it.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Apple iPhone event on Sept 10 ? Jim says Yep

The rumors about the inevitable Apple event launching the next iPhone, have been flying fast and loose for months now.  Just today some credible sources have reported a date for it - Sept 10.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

FileMaker Dumps Bento - Calamitous Catastrophe or Clueless Killing ?

May Bento Rest In Peace
Bento was murdered on Sept 30, 2013
FileMaker just announced it will stop selling Bento at the end of Sept so they can increase thier focus on the FileMaker product line.
"Bento for iPad, iPhone and Mac will continue to be available on the FileMaker Store, and the App Store and Mac App Store, through September 30, 2013. "
"We will provide technical support for Bento products through July 30, 2014."

Apple iPad 57 million, Microsoft Surface... 1.7

A MacRumors report rounds up the estimates on Microsoft Surface sales.  And it's not good for the Big M.
While Microsoft did not reveal how many Surface units it sold, GeekWire does estimate that it sold approximately 1.7 million units by the end of June, which roughly corroborates a Bloomberg report in March claiming that Microsoft had sold 1.5 million Surface devices. 
As The Loop's Jim Dalrymple points out, Microsoft has sold 1.7 million Surface units in 8 months, which is a far cry from the 3 million iPads Apple sold in 3 days last November, the 14.6 million iPads it sold last quarter and the 57 million iPads Apple sold since the Surface launched.
Oooooooooooo.....  Now that's gotta' hurt !!!  Some are called it the Zune 2.0.
Perhaps they will learn some humility now ??

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Leap Motion Review: Part 1 - First Look at Hardware

Control your computer with natural hand movements
The Leap Motion 3-D Motion Controller is designed to allow you to control your Mac or Windows PC with your hands.  It's goal is to let you do things on your computer just like you do them in real life, using natural movements.  The controller is designed to sense your hands and fingers so you can use them to control your computer.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Ballmer finally admits Microsoft having problems selling Surface and Windows 8

In a report from The Verge Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer finally admits during an internal town hall event earlier this week that:
"We built a few more devices than we could sell"
Well done Captain Obvious !!!  But wait.... There's more.  Stevie B also apparently had another epiphany, cause he also said:
"We're not selling as many Windows devices as we want to"
Wow......  (sarcastic frown, head shaking)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Leap Motion's 3-D Motion Control Tech Launches - Review to Follow

Leap Motion's 3-D Motion Control Tech launched today.
Leap Motion's 3-D Motion Control Tech launched today and the pre-ordered motion controllers are shipping.

So I'm ready to take my #FirstLeap - I'm just waiting for my Leap Motion Controller that I pre-ordered to arrive.  I'll post a product review once I get it and have time to give it a good going's over.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Microsoft Anti-iPad Ads Clever but a Sad Attempt

With Microsoft's latest anti-iPad ad, they are starting to look sad and pathetic.
(I'm being generous here - they've look sad from the beginning).

Microsoft Releases New Anti-iPad Ad Highlighting Surface Accessories

MacRumors - Friday July 19, 2013
This one highlights the Surface stand, keyboard and USB port.  It's sad cause it's just all kinds a wrong.

Here's why:

Monday, July 15, 2013

Apple iWatch Insight ?

MacRumors reports that the Financial Times thinks that:
"The company has begun hiring “aggressively” for the project in recent weeks, say people familiar with Apple’s plans for the wearable device, a move that shows it has stepped up development but which raises questions over the ability of its own engineers to develop wearable technology."
Reporting without insight.  Without even basic awareness of the bigger picture.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Microsoft Forced to Slash Surface RT Prices & Reorganize company

Microsoft Surface RT with Touch Cover keyboard
Microsoft ads say..... 
Surface is better than iPad.
Microsoft actions say..... 
Well.... Actually.....Aaaaa.  No, not really.  The Surface sucks so bad we have to slash prices. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Blackberry takes it in the shorts

Kantar Worldpanel has released a new report highlighting U.S. smartphone sales over the March-May period
iOS up. Blackberry...... ouch :-O

iPhone Tops T-Mobile USA's Smartphone Sales as Carrier Expansion Drives Growth for Apple 

MacRumors - Monday July 8, 2013

Blackberry drops from a barely existing 4.6% marketshare in 2012, to a totally irrelevant 0.7% this year.  Please Blackberry, just give it up.  It's embarrassing to watch.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

iOS 7 Installs Hit All-Time High for Beta Software

iOS 7 has a beautiful UI and even smoother UX.  Being part of the small crowd using the betas is like witnessing a spectacular work of art being created.

...And it's wicked cool too. B-)

Friday, June 28, 2013

TIps for Posting to Blogger

Here are some quick tips for optimizing the use of Blogger posts to make blogs easier for readers to find useful content and navigate, and to take full advantage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Friday, June 14, 2013

How To Install Mac OS X Mavericks in VMware Fusion

With the Mac OS X Mavericks Developer Preview now available, many will want to run it in a Virtual Machine, so they can run in along side of their production Mac OS X and other OSes running in VMs.  And avoid the time and hassles of having to mess around with resizing and adding disk partitions or drives, and having to use Boot Camp to dual boot into Mavericks to avoid losing your production Mac OS X installation.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

iOS 7 UI Compared to iOS 6

Matt Gemmell Compares iOS 6 (left) to iOS 7 (right)
In a great article, Matt Gemmell talks about some of the aspects of the new UI style in iOS 7, in comparison to iOS 6.  He's got some very interesting insights.

I especially liked the visual he created (in the image on the right) by putting a bunch of iOS 6 screens (left) next to iOS 7 screens (right).  I think it clearly shows how dramatically different, and in my opinion better, the UI is in iOS 7.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How To Install iOS 7 Developer Preview

iOS 7 Home Screen
Whiling installing the latest iOS 7 Developer Preview just released on June 10, 2013, I realized that there isn't any easy to follow, step by step instructions on how exactly to do it.  At least none that I could find.

While the Apple Developer site has tons of great documentation and tools, I couldn't find a single source of concise steps for newbies, on how to install iOS on devices.  So I thought someone who wants to get an iOS beta on a device quick and easy, might find this useful.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Android Activations Are A Lot Less Cash Cow And A Lot More Bull

In this article on Techpinions John Kirk discusses why Google’s Android Activations Are A Lot Less Cash Cow And A Lot More Bull. And That’s OK.

This is a point I've been making for a year.  Profits matter.  Market share doesn't.

The iOS platform makes massive profits and Android doesn't, but has more market share. Android is fragmented (a mess of inconsistent devices and OS versions), open (free and not making the players much money), runs on an ass load of cheap crappy hardware, has security, fraud and piracy problems continuously, and the majority of Android users don't spend money with the platform.  All spells baaaaad news for app developers and service providers because it makes it so much harder to make money with Android.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Microsoft Xbox One Just Had A Very Bad Day

If you haven't been tracking the market, MS, Sony and maybe even Apple are on the verge of releasing new gaming platforms. The one area where Microsoft isn't sucking giant elephant ass :-)) and it looks like they're starting to screw that market up too.

The good old Redmond magic at work (emoticon of someone flippin' the bird with a grin)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Microsoft just don't get it

It's not just that Windows 8 & RT sucks giant elephant ass !!!  It's that there's just no THERE there..... There's no touch apps there.  Not enough anyway.

And.... Nobody cares anymore.  They misfired soooo many times for 2 decades now on the tablet thing, and about half that long with phones, that everybody with a clue expects MS to keep screwin' it up.

Even the latest Office 2013 is a giant turd of a touch screen tablet app.  If MS can't give a crap enough to get their own apps right, why would anyone else ?!?!?

Sad.......SO sad.....  (head shaking with a grin)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mobile Growth Soars, Tablet Shipments Surpass PCs in 3 Years

And then.....  There was more.

Check out the giant spike in tablet shipments (orange in the graph to the right) compared to PC shipments. 

The PC's dominance will soon be over..... And with it, goes Microsoft's dominance.  It's like the defeat of the MCP at the end of Tron.... and all the I/O towers begin to shine brightly again :-)

"In fact, tablet shipments surpassed both desktop PC and notebook shipments in the fourth quarter of 2012. A similar report from IDC earlier this week confirms the rapid tablet growth, estimating that yearly tablet shipments will surpass notebook shipments by 2013 and the total PC market in 2015."

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tablet Market Projected to Surpass Notebooks in 2013, Total PC Market in 2015

More stats to support a Post PC Era paradigm shift.  Tablet's forecasted to blow past PCs - From this story on MacRumors.  (Blue line in the graph on the right)

From April: Research Firm: PC Sales Plunge as Windows 8 Flops
“Unfortunately, it seems clear that the Windows 8 launch not only didn’t provide a positive boost to the PC market, but appears to have slowed the market,” IDC Vice President Bob O’Donnell said.
"Windows 8's poor sales start could amplify periodic calls for Microsoft to replace Ballmer..."
More of that uncompromising user experience - NOT!
"In a surprisingly harsh assessment, IDC said Windows 8 hasn’t only failed to spur more PC demand but has actually exacerbated the slowdown—confusing consumers with features that don’t excel in a tablet mode and compromise the traditional PC experience."

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

45% of home Internet traffic from Apple devices

20% of traffic on home broadband networks come from mobile devices.  iPad generates the most traffic of any single device at home.

....more evidence of the paradigm shift and that Microsoft CAN be beat.  :-D

From All Things D, You Spend a Lot of Time With Your Mobile Device at Home -- Even More if It's an iPad

Friday, May 3, 2013

BlackBerry CEO Questions Future of Tablets - CLUEless !!!

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins
From the Clueless In Chief of Blackberry. 
"In five years I don’t think there’ll be a reason to have a tablet anymore,” Heins said in an interview yesterday at the Milken Institute conference in Los Angeles. “Maybe a big screen in your workspace, but not a tablet as such. Tablets themselves are not a good business model.”
Their big announcement was a phone with a physical keyboard.  He says they're gonna "take back Hollywood" with it.  That's what they consider an innovation.  Jeez Lueweez.  It's back to the future for these guys. (Shaking head in disgust)
"In five years, I see BlackBerry to be the absolute leader in mobile computing -- that’s what we’re aiming for"
Ohhhhhh. I understand now.  He's on LSD and hallucinating.

Friday, April 26, 2013

First Reviews of Samsung Galaxy S4: Great Screen, Gimmick Features, Bad Plastic Design

No need to be tempted by Android.  These old school copy cat PC and old cell phone companies, like Samsung, will continue to make crappy hardware and have no clue how to do software and UX worth a damn.

I think Android's only shot at decent hardware and software is what Google might do with their Motorola Mobility purchase.  That combo might actually be able to invent something new and finally create an innovation.  Instead of just copy (steal from) Apple.  I won't hold my breathe.  But if its possible, it will probably come from them.

From MacRumors, First Reviews of Samsung Galaxy S4: Great Screen, Gimmick Features, Bad Plastic Design
"The overall consensus is that the Galaxy S4 is a solid upgrade over the previous S3 but that its plastic casing and minimal upgrades keep it from being great."

iPhone Predicted to Surpass Android Market Share by 2015

I think the Apple pundits are short sighted in thinking that Apple is falling victim to the same mistakes it made in the Mac vs. PC era.  The future is iOS vs. Android.

This is the first future projections that I've seen that incorporates actual customer buying plans.  Rather than a short sighted quarter to quarter sales numbers that only looks backwards.  The Net is Apple share grows (Orange in graph on the right), Android is flat and Microsoft & Blackberry remain pathetic.

From MacRumors, iPhone Predicted to Surpass Android Market Share by 2015
"91 percent of iPhone owners plan to purchase another iPhone when it's time to upgrade, while for Android the number is just 76 percent. And, three quarters of those looking to switch from Android plan to buy an iPhone."

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The PC Industry of the Past Is Not the PC Industry of the Future

I keep coming across more leading (bleeding?) edge stuff on this post PC paradigm shift I've been talking about.  This one from Techpinions seemed particularly enlightened.
"The consumer market will dwarf the business/pro market by magnitudes. The PC industry of the past, is not the PC industry of the future. The opportunity has shifted from business to consumer and it is growing faster than many anticipated. Many were not prepared and the pain of this reality has been life changing for all PC vendors."
- Hence that very big and recent drop in PC market growth.