Thursday, January 31, 2013

RIM Launches Next-Generation BlackBerry Z10, Announces Corporate Rebranding

They might be better off dumping the Blackberry brand, rather than dropping RIM.

From MacRumors, RIM Launches Next-Generation BlackBerry Z10, Announces Corporate Rebranding.

I figure BB diehards might give it a go and they might slow their death and even stay around as an also-ran along with MicroSUCKS and Nokia - which is a healthy thing for the marketplace to have some competition for Apple and Android.

If their hardware quality is below Samsung's and Microsoft Surface crappy quality, then it may lessen their chances.  Then again BB hardware quality is crap already, sooooo....

It's still stunning how much further ahead Apple's hardware quality is from every other phone, tablet & notebook manufacturer.  For me that alone is worth the sometimes small premium I pay for Apple. Which BTW, in notebooks the small premium, if any, you pay for Apple hardware you will more than make up in savings on software.  Apple OS, office apps and other apps are a lot less expensive than Microsoft's.

Friday, January 25, 2013

RIM's last chance

RIM crosses its fingers for maybe the last time next week.

Well if it is another epic fail maybe the Asians at Lenovo will save them. But that reminds me of HP buying Palm and that totally killed Palm in a matter of months. And HP was more capable than Lenovo... Kinda

Hey, did you ever come to your senses and get an iPhone ? :-D

From BGR, BlackBerry 10 said to be overhyped, RIM’s comeback chances remain slim
"...users are still excited. That is a very, very good sign for RIM as it attempts to stage a comeback. Not everyone is convinced RIM can thrive in the current smartphone market though..."
Lenovo says company may try to acquire RIM to boost mobile business
"Ming wouldn’t say if the company planned to make a formal offer to buy RIM anytime soon."