Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tech beyond Star Trek & Minority Report. Ships this May

Remember Tom Cruise in Minority Report interacting with a computer screen with hand gestures ?  Well we could be doing that this May !!!  Only better, cause you don't need to wear special gloves and use a special screen, like he did in the movie.  All you need is this $80 device !!!  (Check out the video)

Now THIS is mind blowing !!!  I hope it catches fire and app developers build apps to take full advantage of it.  3D gesture control could be better than a touch screen.  And it claims to be better than motion control on gaming consoles like Microsoft Xbox Kinect and Sony PlayStation Move - and it's cheaper too.

iOS Dominates Enterprise Mobility Market With 77%

Top 10 devices in the enterprise
Apple dominates the enterprise.  Wow... Role reversal.

Check out Microsoft's share (second graph).  LOL.  It's barely visible.

From MacRumors, iOS Dominates Enterprise Mobility Market With 77% of Device Activations.
"iOS devices represented 77% of all mobile device activations in the enterprise market in the final quarter of 2012, with the top five slots all occupied by Apple devices..."

Friday, February 22, 2013

Study Finds Apple Smartphones to be the Most Reliable

As if you didn't have enough great reasons to get an iPhone.  Here's another ;-)

From MacRumors, FixYa Study Finds Apple Smartphones to be the Most Reliable
"Apple received a dependability score of 3.47, a good deal higher than the 1.21 that Samsung received. Nokia and Motorola received scores of 0.68 and 0.13, respectively."

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Eulogy for BlackBerry

Aaaaah oh. Not the best to start a new product launch that the future of the whole company is dependent on. 

From NY Magazine, A Eulogy for My Dead BlackBerry 10 Demo, Which Lived for Four Days

Kevin Roose on his using his BlackBerry Z10 review unit:
"But then you died.  After four days of trying you out, for no reason at all, you simply refused to turn on.  I removed and replaced your battery, tried to manually reset you, and even connected you to my laptop to see if I could revive you that way.  But you stayed there, motionless and dark, the lifeblood drained from your mini-USB port."

Hey, what’s that noise?  BlackBerry circling the drain.