Friday, April 26, 2013

First Reviews of Samsung Galaxy S4: Great Screen, Gimmick Features, Bad Plastic Design

No need to be tempted by Android.  These old school copy cat PC and old cell phone companies, like Samsung, will continue to make crappy hardware and have no clue how to do software and UX worth a damn.

I think Android's only shot at decent hardware and software is what Google might do with their Motorola Mobility purchase.  That combo might actually be able to invent something new and finally create an innovation.  Instead of just copy (steal from) Apple.  I won't hold my breathe.  But if its possible, it will probably come from them.

From MacRumors, First Reviews of Samsung Galaxy S4: Great Screen, Gimmick Features, Bad Plastic Design
"The overall consensus is that the Galaxy S4 is a solid upgrade over the previous S3 but that its plastic casing and minimal upgrades keep it from being great."

iPhone Predicted to Surpass Android Market Share by 2015

I think the Apple pundits are short sighted in thinking that Apple is falling victim to the same mistakes it made in the Mac vs. PC era.  The future is iOS vs. Android.

This is the first future projections that I've seen that incorporates actual customer buying plans.  Rather than a short sighted quarter to quarter sales numbers that only looks backwards.  The Net is Apple share grows (Orange in graph on the right), Android is flat and Microsoft & Blackberry remain pathetic.

From MacRumors, iPhone Predicted to Surpass Android Market Share by 2015
"91 percent of iPhone owners plan to purchase another iPhone when it's time to upgrade, while for Android the number is just 76 percent. And, three quarters of those looking to switch from Android plan to buy an iPhone."

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The PC Industry of the Past Is Not the PC Industry of the Future

I keep coming across more leading (bleeding?) edge stuff on this post PC paradigm shift I've been talking about.  This one from Techpinions seemed particularly enlightened.
"The consumer market will dwarf the business/pro market by magnitudes. The PC industry of the past, is not the PC industry of the future. The opportunity has shifted from business to consumer and it is growing faster than many anticipated. Many were not prepared and the pain of this reality has been life changing for all PC vendors."
- Hence that very big and recent drop in PC market growth.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Mobile killing PCs ? - Overall PC Market Plunges 14% Year-Over-Year

More evidence that we are in a post PC world ?  PC market share drops 14% and Windows 8 is sucking.

So I suggest, if you're not already, that you ready your career for this paradigm shift and invest money and skills development in both Apple iOS and Android.  You can get an iPad, iPod Touch and Nexus Android tablet pretty cheaply.

Have you tried Windows 8 and the newest attempt at Windows tablets ?  They are absolutely awful.  MS should be embarrassed at how horrendously bad they are.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

No mobile comeback for Microsoft

MS death watch ?  Perhaps.  If they don't do something in phones and tablets that's worth a crap.

From Splat F, No mobile comeback for Microsoft.
"We’re only talking about the world’s biggest software company and the future of computers. So far, (Microsoft is) still basically irrelevant."
"...the momentum Microsoft needs isn’t here. And it doesn’t look like the Surface tablet is helping, either."

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

May Lotus Software Rest In Peace.....

May Lotus Software Rest In Peace
Well boys..... A sad sad day has finally come.  Perhaps you've heard ?  Perhaps not...

Our beloved Lotus Software is now finally dead and gone..... forever.

Murdered, really.  Crippled years ago, in it's prime, by being forced to join a monster cult.  A Blue and Big cult ;-)