Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Apple iPad 57 million, Microsoft Surface... 1.7

A MacRumors report rounds up the estimates on Microsoft Surface sales.  And it's not good for the Big M.
While Microsoft did not reveal how many Surface units it sold, GeekWire does estimate that it sold approximately 1.7 million units by the end of June, which roughly corroborates a Bloomberg report in March claiming that Microsoft had sold 1.5 million Surface devices. 
As The Loop's Jim Dalrymple points out, Microsoft has sold 1.7 million Surface units in 8 months, which is a far cry from the 3 million iPads Apple sold in 3 days last November, the 14.6 million iPads it sold last quarter and the 57 million iPads Apple sold since the Surface launched.
Oooooooooooo.....  Now that's gotta' hurt !!!  Some are called it the Zune 2.0.
Perhaps they will learn some humility now ??

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