Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How To make JIRA Agile sing a great Scrum tune

JIRA Agile
JIRA is an excellent tracking tool from Atlassian.  And now JIRA Agile (previously known as Greenhopper) is an excellent Agile Project Management tool built on top of the power of JIRA.

So how do you put JIRA Agile to work and make it sing a great Scrum song ?

In this article I'll detail out:
  • How to get JIRA Agile up and running fast.
  • How to understand and reconcile the differences between the way JIRA Agile works and the way a true Scrum process works.
  • How to configure JIRA Agile to take full advantage of the Scrum development management framework.
  • How to use JIRA Agile to manage a Scrum process fast and easy.
  • How to simplify the process related work that your engineers need to do, so they can focus on what they do best.

I've been using the Atlasssian tools for many years now and have a lot of experience doing many of the things you can do with JIRA and Confluence.  From implementations and migrations from other tools like Bugzilla and others.  To multi-day workshops with engineering teams at tech companies, some of which are very well recognized big tech names, to understand the teams processes and optimize the JIRA configuration to best support them and bring their processes up to the next level.  To custom software development to extend JIRA's functionality, build migration tools and connect and sync it with other platforms like Salesforce and ServiceNow.

I've also optimized the configurations of JIRA Agile and what it was previously called in older versions, Greenhopper, to manage software development projects using Scrum.  And in this article I'll share some of those techniques and best practices that I've learned based on real world, on the ground, experience.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Why will Apple Pay make Mobile Payments a Reality ?

Apple Pay is extremely likely to finally make mobile payments a reality for regular people.  But why ?
  • What's so special about Apple Pay ?
  • What market forces are in play that will force change ?
  • How secure is mobile payment tech ?
  • What about privacy concerns ?