Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Apple Face ID FUD or How To Tell When Someone is Clueless

The Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) that has surrounded Apple’s Face ID in the iPhone X since their announcement on Sept 12, is very familiar. It occurred to me that it is yet another way to tell when someone is truly clueless about technology product strategy. So let’s explore this year’s circus come to town…. Shall we….

In the history of the technology business, there are many moments, like these, that have changed things in significant ways. Some big, and some small.

Apple seems to have more of those moments than most. A lot of competitors have an acute case of innovation envy. Not to mention the jealousy of all the press Apple gets when someone from Apple so much as whispers within earshot. Then there’s all the unnamed sources and supply chain leaks that keep the Apple speculation at a fevered pitch most of the year. And since it’s that fall time of year, we all know what that means !!! The launch of new iPhones and the annual crazy race to see who can be the most clueless about Apple product strategy.